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Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom has evolved over the last century in New Zealand. Moving away from a small cramped room that included bath, vanity and toilet to bigger spaces that sometimes include all the amenities of shower, bath, vanity and toilet. Most bathroom renovations we have done have involved updating the space with new colours, shower, bath, toilet, vanity, downlights, mirror lights, heated towel rails, new power points and extraction systems.

Fitzroy bathroom

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need consent to do a bathroom renovation?
Installing a new bath, toilet, shower, or vanity where there wasn’t one previously.

Moving a load-bearing wall to enlarge the room.

When don’t I need consent to do a bathroom renovation?

When repairing or repairing like for like. For example, replacing a new shower in the same place as the old existing one.

What trades are needed when renovating a bathroom?

  • Builder

  • Electrician

  • Plumber

  • Plasterer

  • Painter

  • Tiler


On completion what is required from each Trade?

  • Builder 10-year workmanship guarantee.

  • Electrician C.O.C ( Certificate of Compliance), submitted to the local council.

  • Plumber C.O.C ( Certificate of Compliance), submitted to the local council.

  • Plasterer 10-year workmanship guarantee.

  • Painter 10-year workmanship guarantee.

  • Tiler PS3 form completed and submitted to local council guaranteeing waterproofing work.

Sonia & Ben's Bathroom Renovation

Sonia and Ben recently purchased their 1926 rendered plaster villa.

After living there for a short period of time with their large growing family, it was decided a new family bathroom was urgently needed.

The existing bathroom was typical of that error, wooden wall panelling, and a very small 2m x 2m room, consisting of a free standing bath, toilet and vanity. The bath had been updated a decade ago with a wall mounted sliding shower system, that sprayed all over the walls and the wooden floor boards. 


Scope of work

  • Wooden floor replaced and strengthened for new tile floor. 

  • Expanding the bathroom by 1.1m into the adjacent bedroom. (Removing existing wall and building a new one).

  • New toilet

  • New vanity

  • New tiled shower

  • New extraction fan

  • New downlights

Sonia & Ben's Bathroom Before 1
Sonia & Ben's Bathroom Before 2
Sonia & Ben's Bathroom Before 3
Sonia & Ben's Bathroom Before 4
Sonia & Ben's Bathroom After 1
Sonia & Ben's Bathroom After 2
Sonia & Ben's Bathroom After 3
Sonia & Ben's Bathroom After 4
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