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Building A Deck

Decks are one of the best outdoor areas you can add to a home. Kiwis love to entertain and enjoy outdoor living as much as possible.

Completed Deck

Frequently Asked Questions

How high can I build a deck off the ground before I need consent?
1m High

Should I use nails or screws?

We always suggest that our clients have their decking timber screwed off rather than nailed, as the screws have better holding power. Over time the timber will shrink and swell, as well as heavy foot traffic can make the nails become loose.


When is an architect required?

When the deck is over 1m in height.


What types of timber make good decks in New Zealand?

Pine is an effective cheap ready accessible timber for decking.

Kwila is a hardwood from South East Asia. Looks great once it has silvered off. It is an expensive timber. 


These are the two most common decks we build.

Brendon & Steph's New Deck

Brendon and Steph had recently renovated their home and the cherry on the top was adding a small kwila decking landing at the front door and a large 50m2 kwila family deck at the front of their house. Access via steps was also added to both decks from all 3 directions.

Piles were set out and concreted into the ground. Bearers and joists were installed.

Kwila decking was screwed off using 65mm stainless steel star top screws.

Brendon and Stephs Deck Before
Deck 2
Deck 3
Deck 4
Deck 10
Deck 11
Deck 12
Completed Deck
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