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Garage Conversion To A Home Office

A great way to add value and get better use out of a garage is to convert it into a new room or office space. Since Covid 19 changed our lives people have found that working from home is starting to become the new normal.

Garage conversion to a home office

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of door should I use?

Double glazed doors and windows. The style is up to the client. Such as double doors.

2. What ventilation do I need?

If you have an under floor garage with living spaces above, most likely the only ventilation you will have will be when the new doors and windows are open. We suggest that if your home has an existing roof cavity positive pressure ventilation system, try and join that one. If not try and install some vents that access the open space under your home.


3. If I decide to line the walls and ceiling with plywood and paint a clear coat over the top, how long should I wait until I lay carpet?

At least 3 weeks. Fumes can sit in the new space for a long time and can taint new carpet. Best to keep the doors open and get some mobile fans to help blow the fumes out.

Morgan & Catherines Garage Conversion

Catherine and Morgan from Smart Build Solutions have recently converted their garage into a new useable home office space.


Working at the coffee and dining room tables had started to become unmanageable with a loud young growing family, they both decided a designated area was needed to help run a growing business.


They decided that the garage would be a perfect space. It was a dumping ground for family toys, storage items, fridge and freezer. There was no way a car was ever going to be parked in there in the near future.

Treated wooded frames were built, installed and straighten onto the existing concrete walls. The floor joists were used as ceiling battens and untreated non-structural 12mm plywood was lined onto these and the new wall framing. A number of new power points were installed as well as 6 x new downlights and light switches. As this was adding to the existing homes electrical wiring a new junction box was added.

The old 1960s manual lift steel tilt door was replaced with an inserted double glazed double door with a glass panel. A clear coat paint system was applied to the plywood linings to give protection and really emphasise the natural wood colour. All finished with garage carpet.

Garage conversion to a home office - Before `
Garage conversion to a home office - Before 2
Garage conversion to a home office - After 1
Garage conversion to a home office - After 2
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