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Relining Ceilings & Walls

Sometimes the interior of homes needs to be modernised. A simple way is to demolish the wall and ceiling linings and install new linings. This is a great chance to insulate any exterior walls that may not have any insulation or insulate all internal walls as well with noise-reducing insulation.

It is also a great opportunity to improve your wiring setup, by adding new power points, light switches, new downlights, TV connections and timber fixings to hang new mirrors or mount flat screen tv's.

Applying Cement on Wall

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need consent to reline my walls?

No, however, if you are wanting to increase the space of the room by moving walls you will need to speak with an architect and have plans drawn up that will require council consent and inspection.


What insulation can I use?

Depending on where you live in New Zealand, will determine what R- Rating (The measure of a layer of insulation that resists the conductive flow of heat. In other words… How slow it lets heat outside), you should use. The colder the region the higher the rating. Here In Taranaki: Exterior walls = R rating minimum 1.9, Roof = R rating 2.9


What linings should you use?

  • Gib plasterboard

  • Plywood

  • Ceramic tiles

What trades are required?

  • Builder

  • Electrician

  • Plasterer

  • Painter

Kane & The Family's Relining & Ceiling Reno 

Kane and his family had just purchased a 1920’s weatherboard villa.


They found their 3 bedrooms were out of date were draughty. We removed all wall and ceiling linings. Once the ceiling linings were removed, we discovered very weak roof rafters, so support beams were added to help strengthen the rafters.


New ceiling battens were installed. 2.4 R rated Insulation was installed into the exterior walls and 3.2 R rated insulation was installed in the ceiling. New double glazed aluminium windows were installed.


New 13mm gib was installed on the ceilings, and 10mm onto the walls. All walls and ceilings were plastered. New scotia, skirting, door and window architraves were also installed. All ceilings and walls were painted.

Relining 1
Relining 2
Relining 3
Relining 4
Relining 5
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