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Our Case Studies

Fence Before - Bell Block 2
New Fence - Bell Block
New Fence - After - Bell Block

Fence & Gate - Bell Block

25m Timber paling fencing 1.8m height
2 x medium-sized gates
2 x large gates
1 x retaining wall, 9m long x 1.4m high
1 x retaining wall 6m long x 1.4m high


After purchasing his new home, Dave decided he needed more privacy and some security for his back yard, he also wanted to be able to make use of the space he had, so we decided to build a small retaining wall along the back of his property which tidied up the section, as well as secure the back bank. A new timber paling fence was built around his section for the security and privacy Dave wanted, and gates to match.

Retaining Wall 1
Retaining Wall 2

Retaining Wall - Whalers Gate

Maximum height 1.5m
Minimum height 0.4m
1 x retaining wall 35m in length
1 x retaining wall 25m in length

As Bronwyn and Andy neared the end of their new home build, it was a good time to start looking at how to best retain their property. Bronwyn got in touch with Morgan and explained what they were wanting to do. Morgan went to see Bronwyn and Andy’s property for a site visit to plan for the retaining walls. They decided on 2 x retaining walls, with a maximum height of 1.5m and a minimum height of 0.4m.

Bathroom Renovation

New shower lining
Shower door
Heated towel rail
Wall and ceiling linings
Bathroom door
New bath, vanity unit and cabinet.
Repair of bathroom floor
New floor and lino

Glenys was wanting to update her bathroom to give it a more modern look. Having previously had work done by Morgan at Smart Build Solutions, Glenys got in touch with Morgan for a site visit. During the site visit which Morgan did a measure up, he noticed some water damage on the flooring underneath the bath and shower. 

Even with the unexpected repair that needed to be done on the flooring, Morgan managed to keep as close to the timeframe for work as possible as Glenys would be without a bathroom so the work was completed quickly, but professionally. 

Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before 2
Bathroom After 1
Bathroom After 2
Bedroom restoration after 2
Bedroom restoration after 1
Bedroom restoration after 4
Bedroom restoration after 3

Bedroom Renovation - Westown

Remove all wall linings
Remove damaged flooring
Install new timber flooring
Install new wall and ceiling linings 

Create custom made skirting and architraves to match existing trims in the original part of the home.

After moving into their new home, a 1930’s bungalow, Amanda and Justin decided to redecorate their guest bedroom. They wanted to insulate the exterior walls and re-line with gib. New skirting, architraves and scotia were needed after re-lining and they wanted to make sure it matched the original rooms of the house.

During the initial measure up, water damaged flooring was discovered. Water damage in the wall lining of the guest room was also discovered from the roof. After having the roof repaired, the restoration of the bedroom began.

Steps Before
Steps Before 2
Steps After 1
Steps After 2

Steps For Deck - Marfell

Being great entertainers, Kaylene and Viv were looking at options to improve the flow on their deck for when family and friends come over.

Kaylene and Viv wanted new steps to lead off their deck onto their backyard.

This was a great job that came out really well adding new and valuable access to their secret river back yard.

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